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Meet Fiona

I am fascinated by human beings, how we connect to each other and what makes us tick.  As a recovering people-pleaser, I have experienced the exhausting mental gymnastics and anxiety that come with feeling over-responsible for other people’s emotions whilst largely disconnected from my own.  I was committed to maintaining an ‘easy-going’ exterior but internally I was shutting down my wants and needs to try and keep the peace.  Things changed for me when I started learning about emotional health and decided to try therapy. I went on a journey of getting to know myself, my triggers, emotions, behaviours and beliefs.  I learned that unhealed pain can keep us stuck in self-protect mode which can lead to all kinds of conflict and disconnect.  However compassionately taking ownership of our internal world gives us the power to navigate life and it’s challenges with authentic connection to ourselves and those around us.  I have experienced the profound benefits of emotional health, personally, relationally and professionally and now I enjoy a career helping others on their journey.


Outside of work I enjoy being in the outdoors. I like skiing, walking, biking, climbing, and the occasional cold dip in a loch.  I met my Canadian husband whilst living and working in BC for 2 years and now we live in Aviemore, Scotland.  We enjoy trips in our campervan named Roger.

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