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Healing and growth for a more grounded life

Welcome! Well Grounded Counselling provides a nurturing space to help you navigate life's challenges. I will work with you to find a compassionate perspective and support your growth as you learn to take ownership of your emotional landscape.

Life inevitably brings difficulties but my aim is to support people in living with a grounded balance. This means having a regulated nervous system so you can move away from "survival mode," where you impulsively react to life, sometimes in painful ways. Grounding enables you to take ownership of your internal world, empowering you to respond in more helpful ways. It facilitates a connection with your authentic self and promotes meaningful connections with others. While a permanent state of groundedness is unrealistic, counselling can help you by actively addressing barriers and allow you to return to a grounded state with greater ease.

About me

Hello, I'm Fiona, a counsellor living in Aviemore, Scotland. Prior to training in counselling, I embraced various roles within the outdoor sports industry, cultivating a profound love for nature and adventure. Living in various countries, I sought opportunities to be in the mountains and generally enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. My personal journey of growth has served as inspiration, motivating me to assist others in finding balance and grounding in their lives. I am fascinated by understanding human connections and unraveling the intricacies of what makes us tick. Recognising that emotional well-being has an impact on relationships, professional endeavors, and hobbies, I am dedicated to promoting the benefits of emotional health.

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My Approach

In my counselling practice, I embrace a holistic approach that integrates person-centered and psychodynamic theories, along with elements of experiential approaches such as 'parts work'  and techniques for regulating the nervous system. Recognising that healing and growth are unique journeys, I adjust my methods to meet the individual needs of each client.

I highly value not only engaging in thoughtful conversations with active listening but also delving deeper beyond cognitive understanding.  Our inner world holds richness beyond words. I encourage slowing down to listen to the valuable messages that your body, thoughts, and emotions communicate. These messages tell stories about your past and present feelings and direct the path to healing.

 We will look at your emotions and behaviour through a compassionate lens and identify past pain that may be affecting the present.  It is very likely that old wounds are impacting your current emotions, actions and worldview.  While you can’t always control your external circumstances, transforming your internal world will influence how you relate to the external world. 

What you can expect: 

I am committed to providing a warm and judgment-free space, where you can express yourself authentically. You get to choose what to bring to each session and what to talk about. I offer various exercises, including visualisations and somatic work, which you can try at your own pace. Between sessions, I may suggest optional "homework" for reflection and integrating insights. This is entirely voluntary and a tool for your personal self-discovery.

Is well grounded counselling for you?

Do you believe you can grow and have a desire to do so?  Are you curious to get to know yourself better and understand why you do what you do?

Are you looking to go beyond simply talking about your problems and want to heal?  Are you willing to be honest with yourself and take ownership of your emotional landscape?

Services and fees

Online Counselling sessions

50 minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly

Tools and resources will be provided for you to continue your work between sessions

Discovery call

A 15-minute chat for you to provide me with some context for your interest in counselling and ask me any questions. 

This is a no-cost opportunity for us both to assess whether it is worth proceeding to book an initial consultation. 

Initial Consultation

A 50 minute session which can be considered stand alone and an extension of the discovery call.

I will ask you some questions and we will work together to establish your therapy goals. 

This is an time for us to both explore whether we are a good fit to work together. 


Counselling Session £80

Initial Consultation £65

Discovery Call Free

Get in Touch

If you are interested in arranging a session you can either fill in the form below or email me -

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Fiona Hutchison - Diploma in Integrative Counselling

NCPS Accredited Registrant number - NCS23-05409

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